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Shade In A Box  released 


Shade In A box is our new system for Membrane and Shading System Manufactures.

It is a powerful  integrated CAD system  with a parametric modeling database where easily  products can be created 

with all details, materials, dimensions, prices and any information essential for a correct design and cost estimate.

The package is a business solution, many project solutions can be designed easily within a matter of minutes  and a price estimation sent to

your server trough internet. 





How is my product catalog inserted in Shade In A Box? 

Our staff  will insert in the system Your virtual catalog with all the details  You provide, like standard and non-standard dimensions  

accepted. Material catalog with colors and surface quality, Steel sizes, Colors and any possible option available. Prices for the standard items

and rules to compute non-standard prices can be inserted.


Do we purchase the Software? 

No. You sign an annual contract with ixRay ltd and we provide a number of seats ready for Your business solution. You can have Architects,

Resellers and Your customers using the system for creating stunning solutions with Your product line.


We provide outdoor solutions not only shading system, How dows Shade In A box fit my needs? 

We can insert in the system not only Shades but virtually any product  like furniture and any other item. these can be parametric

with any number of options, colors, materials and inserted automatically with product codes and price in the proforma offer.


What kind of output I get from the software? 

Shade in a Box is capable of making stunning renderings using latest technology from Thea Render or using the internal integrated Global

illumination rendering. Models can be exported directly to Rhino and AutoCAD and PDF files of the purchase order printed.


Why should I license Shade In A Box for my business? 

 Shade In a Box is a unique solution where You can improve Your business model making fast solutions and price estimates.

In a World where everything moves fast You need to compete against Your competitors with accurate and high-quality projects using standard

solutions. The system can interact with your Infrastructure sending orders to the central server and retrieving information about product



Does this system require a CAD guru to be used?

Absolutely NO. Shade In a Box  has been designed to be very easy to learn and use. All the hard stuff is done by our team 

You just drag and drop items in the scene, set options like surface colors, dimensions, position or City for sun calculations  and the system

will generate stunning results  out of the Box  with an integrated cost estimate proforma invoice.




Can I insert non-standard products in the catalog? 

Shade In A Box  is built on our 20-year tensile structure design technology ixCube 4-10. Any product can be created and designed in realtime



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Ok I like it I want to know more,What to Do?

Contact us today trough email  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone:+39 081 193 20 412  to know more about cost  and virtual catalog production.



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