FEM Software

ixCube 4-10 have all the features for finite element method analysis


ixCube FEM  enables engineers to generate and run structural analysis  over  any kind of model even 

those created inside ixCube 4-10. This enables companies that own ixCube 4-10  to outsource engineering since they do not have an engineer in House. 

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3D Modeler :  

  • 3D Modeler  based on Layers and FEM Groups. 
  • CAD entities are created on Layers 
  • FEM entities are created inside FEM Groups, FEM Groups belong to Layers 
  • Import-Export  to DWG,DXF  and Rhinoceros 3DM files.
  • Copy-Paste to Rhino  without needs to save-load files.
  • Extrude,Revolve and Extrude on Path 
  • Draw lines,arc's, circle's,polylines 
  • Boolean operators on solids and closed polylines 
  • Copy, Move,Rotate,Polar Array,Rectangular Array Transform   


FEM Modeler : 

  • Linear Beam Element  (Reissner-Timoshenko linear theory)
  • Non-Linear Beam element  (Reissner-Timoshenko full non-linear theory)
  • Triangular- Quad  Membrane element (in.plane stiff element)
  • Triangular-Quad Shell element (Reissner-Mindlin plate theory)
  • Cable Element  in pretension (non-linear only tension element)
  • Truss element  (tension - compression element)

FEM Analysis Features

  • Non-Linear Analysis  for large displacements  or material non-linearity 
  • Linear Analysis 
  • Modal Analysis with Spectrum Response 
  • Global Buckling Analysis 



  • Plot of deformed shape 
  • Diagrams of  bending Moments, Axial, Shear, Torsion
  • Membrane and Shell stresses 
  • Safety factors
  • Design of Steel based on EuroCodes EC3 with Optimization
  • Design of Steel based on British Standards BS5950 with optimization
  • Design of Steel based on American Standards ASCE with optimization 
  • Design of Wood elements based on EuroCodes EC5 
  • Foundation Slab Design 
  • Export of model and analysis data to Castalia s.r.l CSE connection design system


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