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ixcube striscia r

1. Canopy Modeling Example ixcube 410 NFDM Canopy example

2. how to run analysis and check steel with the BS5950 steel design plugin

steek check

3. Sew & Merge and All Boundary Mesh Perfect Meshes connected to the supporting steel in a few mouse clicks


4. How to pattern a multi-module tensile with continuos seam curves

40-Patterning Tutorial

5. How to cover a space using advanced modeling features

39-Covering a pedestrian road

6. The advanced mesher is a new module that remeshes the surface with a highly accurate FEA mesh for form-finding and analysis purposes

38-Advanced Mesher tutorial

7. Selecting objects

36-Selection Tutorial

8. How to import Cp values from Symscape Caedium Fluid Flow Analysis system

34-Fluid Flow Analysis

9. Analysis using slip cables (cables in pockets) Under development

33-Slip Cables examples

10. Creating a parametric Top ring detail

32-Top ring Detail

11. Making a Hypar with ixCube 4-10 using the NFDM method

11-Hypar in 5 minutes

12. Add corner plates to the Hypar created previously

12-Adding corner plates to the Hypar

13. How to produce patterns for a conical shape

13-Patterning a Conical Membrane

14. From Grasshopper to ixCube 4-10 in 3 clicks

14-GrassHopper  RhinoMembrane  ixCube 4-10 Team Work

15. Realtime Sun shadows demo

15-sun study

16. Deform thin plate/shell elements trough the pre-tension of the cables

16-Form-Finding with shell elements

17. How to make a non-linear membrane analysis and merge results on the supporting steel dome in CSI Sap 2000

17-Coupled analysis with SAp 2000

18. How to form-find a Hypar using newton-raphson FEA analysis directly

18-Hypar fea

19. Making a tensile membrane attached to a exsisting building

19-Tensile Structure on Building

20. Drawing commands

20-Drawing tools

21. How to form-find a inflated dome using FEA analysis directly , without any relaxation tecnique

21-Inflated dome using FEM analysis

22. How to select and deselect elements

22-Selection Tools

23. How to make a membrane connected to a complex boundary

23-Membrane over nurbs

24. Making a Umbrella with curved pole. Drawing the structure,membrane and form-finding

24-Umbrella Part 1

25. Analysis of the umbrella made in Part 1

25-Umbrella Part 2

26. Form-Finding a Cone with elliptic ring using NFDM method

26-Cone with elliptic ring

27. Form-Finding a Circus Tent

27-Making a Circus Tent

28. Using beam restraints

28-Beam Restraints

29. How to form-find a inflated dome with the direct stiffness method

29-Inflating a dome with the direct stiffness method

30. Form-Finding a Hypar with direct stiffness method

30-Form-Finding with the direct stiffness method

31. Using the 3 types of parametric top rings

31-Top ring Details

32. Modeling a conical shape using as a base input boolean operators on solids extracting the surfaces to get meshed and relaxed with a NFDM solver

10-Modeling a conical shape with boolean operators and NFDM solver

33. How to add corner plates on a conical shape using FEM plates to get flat corners then adding smart objects for the final detail

9-Creating corner plates on a conical shape

34. For ixForten 4000 users so they can get hands on the new features after 20 minutes of work

8-video tutorial for ixForten 4000 users

35. Modeling a modular cover on a elliptic ring using patterns as the base Fem meshes

7-Elliptic cover example

36. Making a inflated dome/cushion using simple curves as base input and the NFDM solver to inflate the triangle mesh

6-Inflated dome-cushion example

37. How to merge reaction forces after a non-linear membrane analysis on a supporting structure modeled in a third party FEA package. The module supports Strand7,Midas Civil,Sap 2000,Staad V8i, AutoDesk Robot Structural

5-Coupling Non-Linear membrane analysis with third party FEA systems

38. How to model a complex flower shape using nurbs surfaces meshed into a fem and relaxed with the NFDM solver

4-modeling a flower membrane

39. How to fix double cone kinks

3-fixing kinks on double cones

40. How to model a double cone on a complex boundary edge

2-double cone on a complex boundary

41. How to fix bad pattern edges

1-ixcube fix bad pattern


42. ixCube 4-10 v 3.0 Cable Cuffs


form finder 1


43. ixCube 4-10 v 3.0 Curve Compensation


curve compensation snapshot

44. ixCube 4-10 rel. feature video

ixCube 410 3054


45. ixCube 4-10 vs Strand 2.4 Comparision




46. ixCube 4-10 v  Grasshopper Get tools




47. ixCube 4-10 v  Grasshopper Generate tools




48. ixCube 4-10 v  Grasshopper mesh tools




49. ixCube 4-10 v  Grasshopper model tools




50ixCube 4-10 v  Grasshopper load tools




51 ixCube 4-10 v 3.0.8 User Defined profiles




52 ixCube 4-10 v 3.0.8 Beam Offsets




53 ixCube 4-10 v 3.0.8 Report maker : Phase one Setup




54 ixCube 4-10 v 3.0.8 Report maker : Phase two






rhinomembrane striscia

1. Demo of RhinoMembrane component for Grasshopper


2. FormFinding example of membrane over multiple arches, the membrane mesh is created on the fly and relaxed at each parameter change


3. Form-Finding a stadium with GH component


4. Membrane Form-Finding over multiple frames


5. Etfe Cushions form-finding example


6. Minimal surfaces plot of membrane stress field gives a proof of the solution constant red color means a isotropic stress field at each point


7. Playing with inflated membrane tubes. Due to the relationship between membrane stress and tube radius only radius is changed, stress's for warp-weft is computed and sent to the form-finder component as input


8. High Point Demo

37-high point demo

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