rhinomembrane striscia


rhinomembranepath Minimal surfaces & mesh based Form-Finding plugin for Rhinoceros

Update Reference Strategy (URS) for form finding of membrane structures has been developed by Prof. Kai-Uwe Bletzinger of the TU München (Germany). For a given topology of a membrane structure and given stress state in the structural elements (pre-tension in the membrane and cables), the corresponding equilibrium shape has to be determined.

The URS represents a generalization of the well-known force density method. Due to its continuum-mechanical basis, the method is applicable to both cable and membrane elements without any restrictions:

E.g. an arbitrary stress state can be specified for the membrane, which can be isotropic in order to generate real minimal surfaces or orthogonally anisotropic, which is very helpful for form finding for textile structures with warp and weft direction. It is even possible to consistently include pressure forces, which are acting always normal to the surface at every state of the procedure, in the form finding process of pneumatic structures such as air-inflated cushions.


        Hypar made within Rhinoceros                            RhinoMembrane Form-Finding with URS method




RhinoMembrane - Shanghai 2010



RhinoMembrane - Shanghai 2010 


Norway Pavillon shaped with RhinoMembrane 

Coutsey of HHA Norway & studio LD



RhinoMembrane - Grasshopper Component  

rhino integration 1


RhinoMembrane - IxCube Integration

rhino integration 2




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