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ixCube 4-10 V 5.3.8 for 64 bit platforms released 

Milestone top class Release. ixCube 4-10 becomes a full featured FEM analysis system 

The ixCube project started 10 years ago, many paths have been explored since then, and today we are proud to have reached beta stage. Power users are already using and testing the system that benefits from our 20 years of experience in the membrane engineering field and the use of advanced  middleware from our technology partners.

Architect Gerry D'Anza 

ixRay ltd

"The new Rhinomembrane-ixCube 4-10 workflow is something completely different from my 20-years’ experience in analysis software.

The flexibility is superb because now I can design structures in real time using Rhino membrane and analyze them in ixCube in a very short time without endless file format conversions and mesh adjustments.
This opens a lot of new possibilities in my workflow and in communication with clients and other engineers.
The ixCube workspace is better than ever making the software not only engineering accurate, but also design-friendly.
It is highly recommendable for any designer and engineer dealing with lightweight structures."

Eng. Hrvoje Petrovic
Director of Engineering
Hightex GmbH

"ixCube 4-10 brings much clarity to the workflow both through a complete redesign of the interface layout, a fantastic new graphic engine, and numerous smaller refinements. The new formfinder algorithm merges the qualities of both previous FDM and URS methods and will probably become my new standard. Inter-operability with major analysis packages has been greatly enhanced as well as the CAD and data table exports, making the new system the cornerstone of tensile structure design."

Archineer Olivier Suire 
SMC2 Construction

I was impressed to learn that AutoCad is no longer needed with inbuilt Cad module complement in ixCube 4-10. Moreover, the system provide's you with ability of 3D corners plates design allow flexibility as well as accuracy of task. One strength of this version that I rate tremendous friendly Is the undo function.

Eng. James Sabmeethavorn
FastTech L.t.d 

Finally the first structure design software that works for Architects, Structural Engineers and production companies.
It is the modern and intuitive software I have been waiting for so long. Most interesting for my research and development is the option not only to deal with membranes but shells and other structural elements as well.


Prof. Dr. Robert Off

Anhalt University Germany, Director IMS e.V



design engineer produce






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ixcube inthe world

ixCube 4 - 10 - cover the world 

Cover the world has been our slogan for a long time

And We did  it with our user base. More than 320 users worldwide are using today our software for lightweight structure design. Building companies, Engineering & Design firms and many universities use it as a standard package for teaching.  Many of our customers are leaders in the field of lightweight membrane design with award winning results.

Get in contact with US Today for any question, we offer a wide range of services in the field of Lightweight Architecture.


Formfinder Software For Membrane Structure Designing

IxCube 4-10  formfinder module  is able to relax a mesh into a shape with assigned prestress and/or tension. Not only the membrane can be specified but also the supporting steel, wood or concrete framework. The system uses a range of technologies to produce the final result based in a "self stressed" model. Membrane stress state, cable tension, beam bending moments and stiff plates are part of this global equilibrated system.



Look at the video Tutorial - 1 in Modeling to learn more about this feature.

form finding a

 ETFE roof for the Etiopia Council building. Robert Off Designer. Modelled and engineered with ixForten 4000

IxCube 4-10  has a number of Form-finding strategies for this purpose: Linear FDM: Linear Force Density Method controlled by the force density value C. The mesh is relaxed and all links end up with a positive tension proportional to the C value.

Brute Force FDMThe Brute Force FDM solver enables fixed force and fixed length links using a spare matrix solve technology that outperforms hundres of times the speed on the classic Non-Linear FDM solver.  

NFDM method : This method uses the Natural Force Density Method developed by Prof. Ruy Marcelo Pauletti from the univerity of Brazil. It is a fast and robust technique able to relax triangle meshes with desired pre-stress very fast and a perfect tool for ETFE cushions other other classic membrane shapes.  

URM Solver: The Update Reference Strategy is a technique developed by prof. Bletzinger and enables direct form-finding over triangle and quad meshes. IsoTropic or Anisotropic membrane stress state can be specified and so natural minimal surfaces are easily shaped with this technology.



Look at the video Tutorial - 5 in Modeling to learn more about this feature.

form find b 2200 square meter tensile structure designed and engineered by Gerry D'Anza. Patterning and production by Loredana Di Benedetto


 form finder c

 ixCube 4-10 : Example of Form-Finding a membrane using the Natural Force Density Method

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ixCube 4-10 Platform 5.3.8 Released
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