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Frequently Asked Questions


1. You can import lines,curves,nurbs and nurbs surfaces, solids. Copy past and boolean operators are available.

2. Look at the Learning Center.

3. Yes , calculations can be made for any country in the world. Steel and membrane checks are available for EC3 (EuroCodes) and BS5950 (British Codes).

4. Yes in the first reelase there will be a nice visualization rendering with Shadows and Sun environment. For professional renderings you can export the model to 3d Studio
or Rhino. In future versions rendering will gain more power.

5. NO. This is called nesting. there is no nesting feature at the moment.

6. Both. You can draw inside ixCube lines,circles,nurbs, solids,make extrusions and boolean operators. You can add dimension lines, dimension arcs
Copy,move, rotate,polar array,rectangular array,offset curves,trim,fillet and almost all features of modern CAD systems are available.
You can import DWG,DXF and RhinoCeros 3DM files and convert each layer of the file into a FEM model or into a CAD model and use them as necessary.
Last but not least with RhinoCeros CAD you can directly Copy-Past to and from Rhino into ixCube (ixForten 4000) without the need to save and load cad files.

7. Yes. There is a Wind Generator for EC3 wind loads, French and Indian. You Input wind speed, Cp values, Cd,Ct and the area over where to calculate and the module computes wind loads based on the choosed code. Optionally a Fluid Flow analysis can be performed inside Caedium package ( ) and then you can import Cp values or Pressure values to be input as Loads or Cp values to be used in the above module for wind pressure calculations.

8. We have 3 different packages:

  1. Basic = this is for small companies that want only to design and pattern
  2. Professional = system for design, production and structural analysis
  3. Premium = Professional + all available modules + Premium support

In the price list attached you can see available plugin modules.

9. In europe  We have  nearly 30 companies , more than 350 worldwide.

10. Technical request way a lot. We can get up to 2 -3 per day . Generally they are questions on how to solve a particular building model.

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